Celestial Pictures produces Chinese feature films. Our former and current production partners include China Film Group Corporation (China), Huayi Brothers Media Corporation (China), The Ruddy Morgan Organization (US and China) and Applause Pictures (Hong Kong).

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In the style of Eagle Eye and Phone Booth, Control is an action/suspense thriller with a gripping story and plentiful plot twists. Being blackmailed by a mysterious villain, the protagonist must uncover the identity of his foe while protecting his family, and in doing so finds himself in deeper and deeper danger.


My Kingdom is a tightly-woven tale of two brothers' quest for fame, love and revenge, back dropped by the Shanghai opera stage during its 1920's heyday. The story blends martial arts onstage and offstage with a suspense-filled love story defying the genre of martial arts epics today.


A love triangle develops between the male and female leads and the director during the making of a musical in Mainland China. The film depicts the pain and suffering that can come from true love.

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