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Actress Jenny Hu was born in 1946 in Guangzhou to a Chinese father and German mother. At the urging of one of her friends, she was introduced tofamous director Chin Chien who immediately invited Jenny to star in his Shaw Brothers film Till The End Of Time. The film was an overnight success and so was Jenny as she next appeared in a string of successful dramas such as Torrent of Desire (1969) and Young Lovers (1969). Her acting talent is evident with her performance in Love Without End (1970)

In 1983, she moved to Los Angeles where she still lives a simple life helping her husband with his business.

(Film available in Celestial’s Shaw Brothers Film Library with year of production/ theatrical release)

Till The End Of Time (1966)
Madam Slender Plum (1966)
The Black Falcon (1967)
Four Sisters (1967)
Summer Heat (1968)
Torrent Of Desire (1969)
Farewell My Love (1969)
River Of Tears (1969)
Young Lovers (1969)
Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers (1969)
Love Without End (1970)
Young Passion (1974)

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