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Born on 29 August 1937, Betty Loh Ti had less than an auspicious start in life. An orphan at an early age, Loh was brought up by her maternal grandmother in Shanghai before the family moved to Hong Kong in 1949.

Loh developed a passion for the performing arts at a very young age while in Shanghai since her grandfather was in the theatre business. In 1953, Loh won a contract at the Great Wall Film Studios as an actress at the age of 16. Despite major roles in films such as The Peerless Beauty, Loh's five years at Great Wall passed uneventfully.

It wasn't until she signed with Shaw Brothers in 1958 that her stardom took on its eventual sparkle. Hits such as The Enchanting Shadow and The Dream Of The Red Chamber firmly established Loh's reputation as the next big star and won her the nickname of "classic beauty". It was Li Han-hsiang's The Love Eterne in 1962 that brought her to international fame. Besides being screened at the 10th Asian Film Festival, the film went on to win six awards at the 2nd Golden Horse Awards including the Best Actress Award for Loh.

Loh was married to popular actor Peter Chen Ho in 1962 and divorced after 5 years of marriage. Sadly, on Dec 27, 1968, she took her own life by overdosing on sleeping pills.

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Enchanting Shadow (1959)
The Bride Napping (1960)
The Dream Of The Red Chamber (1961)
The Love Eterne (1962)
The Story Of Sue San (1962)
The Dancing Millionairess (1963)
Sons Of Good Earth (1964)

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